Saturday, August 15, 2015

I have to begin somewhere...

Hooray for first blog posts!

My name is Kari and I have been in a 42 year love/hate relationship with myself. Most days, I love myself, but there are just some days when I wonder how I make it through the day without someone tying my shoes for me. Or making sure I don't electrocute myself... Or something.  It sounds pretty harsh, but it's not - really. Just keep reading along and you just may agree with me at some point. Maybe not today, but eventually, you will.  I am doofus, trust me.

The catalyst for my starting this blog came about the other day when I decided to try out Stitch Fix. I needed a place to store all the photos and thoughts on the pieces being sent to me so that my stylist could find them.  This way, as a team, my stylist and I might actually get my shoes tied.   What better place than my very own blog, right? Blogs are fun!  At least that is what I've convinced myself into believing.   We shall see...  Anyway, I digress.

So there I am, pinning stuff to my Pinterest style board, oooing and ahhing over various outfits, when I had this epiphany.

 I. Have. Been. Doing. It. Wrong.

Like majorly, completely and utterly failtasically (it IS a word!) wrong. "It" being something as basic as covering my nakedness with the proper clothing. Instead of dressing the body I have, I have been trying to force my body into styles I like - and apparently I like allllllll the wrong things for the body I have. (I told you,  I'm not always the brightest crayon in that box o' 64 colors!) In my defense - and in this case, I actually have a defense - my body has drastically changed several times due to sickness, weight loss/gain, age and a myriad of other reasons. While my body changed, my perception didn't and it resulted in, well, frump. Yes, I am guilty of an ill fitting, outdated, completely unflattering wardrobe.  When I was 12ish, I had this picture in my mind of what I would look and dress like in my 40's and this soooooooo ain't it! 

That changes NOW.  Fashion 101, people!  DRESS THE BODY YOU HAVE! I have a mantra!  I have a plan! Well, maybe not a plan. I have...a blog.  I have to start somewhere and this is as good a place as any!

Step one:  In the next week or so, I will touch every single piece of clothing I own. If I don't absolutely adore it, it goes. If it doesn't fit properly, it goes. If it doesn't fit into the idea of a mix and match wardrobe, IT GOES!   

My goal is to completely burn my wardrobe to the ground and rebuild it with classic, timeless, well fitting pieces that I can mix and match to create eleventy-seven hundred different stylish, age appropriate, envy-worthy outfits. 

Stick around and join me on the journey...

(Of course, this blog will also include other stuffs besides clothes so if fashion isn't your thing, never fear! I am POSITIVE that at some point I will post about something you have an interest in...)


  1. LOVE IT!!!!! And love you!!!! Completely and total on board for this journey you've embarked on. Can't wait to read about it as it unfolds! ~ Tracey

    1. Thanks, Tracey. It should be fun. Or I hope it will be. I have heard horror stories, but I have also heard lots of success stories. Either way, it's an adventure!